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September 5, 2011


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Wow, a lot has happened since the last journal that was here. You know, the one from December 30th saying I was moving to Costa Rica.

There are multiple sections to this journal, so just read the bold parts to figure out what you're interested in reading about lol

Living Situation
We haven't moved and won't be any time soon.
The little sister and I are back living with Pops and things have been going alright. No one's life is perfect, and mine is no exception. I love my dad, I always have and always will, and living with him is the best decision for me at the time being.

Hopefully I'll be able to get away from everyone and actually be able to go to college this fall though because time away from this family will finally allow for me to have my own life.

College and Job Stuff
I believe I'm going to major in Marine Biology with a minor in Art with an emphasis on Photography.
I'm deciding between University of South Carolina and the University of Alabama. I think I'll end up at USC because its cheaper and I just want to be able to go to college. I can always transfer to somewhere else if I feel the need to. Its been a dream of mine since I was a little girl to go North Carolina State University so I'm hoping to transfer there once I have the grades. If I am able to transfer there, my minor would most likely be either Animal Sciences or Zoology.

My computer is basically done. All I can do is get online and occasionally work on my latest story when Pages decides to open.
I can no longer get Skype to work.
I can't go through photos anymore so my cards are all full and I can't take any more photos for the time being.
And I can barely get iTunes to open so I can charge my phone.

Long story short, its pathetic.
I'm so sick of this thing but at least I have it.

Oh, and I covered it in Cheetah print Duct tape so it looks boss.

Art Status
Well, I can draw on my mom's computer again which is very helpful, only problem is I don't go to her house very often and even when I am there she usually has work to do. But don't worry, I'll start uploading all of the new references I've been doing soon.

I literally have a 2 inch stack of papers on her desk and they're all sketches of Whispering Wind characters for reference sheets and drawings for WWK.
I will no longer be posting random artwork on dA. I will only be posting kennel related things and roleplay related things.

Any and all work that isn't posted on dA usually ends up on my facebook, so if you want to friend me on facebook note me! Of course, if you want to send me a friend request just because that's cool too lol just note me.

It's easier for me to get on Facebook because its on my phone, so if you ever need to contact me for some reason or just want to chat thats the best way to get in touch with me (:

Social Life
Even though I've been stressed and busy, I have, thankfully, found time for a nice social life. I've actually recently made quite a few friends, along with a few enemies unfortunately. My little sister and I are a lot closer than we used to be, but this also means she's always with me. It'd be nice to be able to hang out with people and not have my 13 year old sister around, but I guess its just something I have to deal with.

I've also been going to my neighbor's hockey games every week and I've been getting to know him quite a bit. I know for a fact I have a little crush on him, but I'm perfectly fine with only being friends. He makes me smile and he's super funny and he's just really cool to be around. And, of course, it doesn't hurt that he's pretty cute too. He's got the gentlest eyes and his smile is amazing. And I love his hair, haha.

Current Hair Color
I'm sure some of you are curious lol
Its currently all black and I plan on keeping it this way for a long while because I really like it.

Past hair colors [because I want to see how many different things I've done lol]:
-in order by grade/year, some colors from the same grade/year might be out of order lol-
From my natural dark blonde to a lighter blonde [I think this was 9th grade but it may have been 10th lol]
Blonde with pink bangs [10th grade]
Super light blonde but still decently golden so not platinum [I think it was between 10 and 11 lol]
Back to my natural [11th]
Light strawberry blonde [11th]
Light dirty Blonde [11th]
Platinum blonde [11th/12th]
Gingerrrrrr [12th]
Strawberryish blonde [12th]
Blonde [12th]
Blonde with pink underneath [after graduation]
Blonde with pink underneath and maroon cheetah spots on the side
[I then added a few pink coontails later on to the above style]
Blonde with pink underneath and pink and purple 'Cheshire' tails as I called them lol
Purple on top, pink underneath, and blonde in the 'middle' [December 2011]
Purple/blueish bangs, blue underneath, pink everywhere else [January 2012]
Red in the underneath section of my bangs, super light pink [almost blondish white, but still visibly pink] everywhere else [January 2012]
Red still in the under part of my bangs, black everywhere else [February 2012]
Purple in the under part of my bangs, black everywhere else [February 2012]
Completely black hair [current hair color]

Other stuff
Hmm...what else is there...what else do you guys want to be updated on? Hahaha
OH!...Actually, I'll make it a poll because I feel like more people will see it haha

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Athazagoraphobias Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Woah wait what? You MOVED to Costa Rica?! I think I completely missed something here... details please?!

Also good luck with college and art and your computer (it sounds like you need to get it fixed by a professional or maybe replace it?) and life in general. It sounds like you're doing okay, so that's good. I wish you the best. :)
Lol no I was supposed to but didn't..

I need to replace it, I've needed a replacement for like 2 years now lol
Thanks hun, I hope all is well for you as well (:
Athazagoraphobias Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh, that's a shame. It looked like you were really enjoying your stay there!
Hahaha oh yes I was enjoying the fact that I was legal and could drink and the nightclubs were freaking awesome beach and the family we have down there (:
Athazagoraphobias Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Haha, very smooth. XD
Rikkanna Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012  Student General Artist
Glad things are working out alright, girl. I miss staying up half the night talking to you!! Clearly I'll have to get on fb more often. XP
I totally approve of your major/minor choices! Sounds awesome to me!!! I love all that good stuff!
That really sucks about the computer... :/ Mine got like that last year, it was terrible!
And awwwwwwwwwwwwww.... :giggles: He sounds really nice. ^^
And I really want to know what you look like with black hair!!!! XDDD
Hahaha I know, I miss our fantastical conversations!
Hahah yay! That means you get to help me with physics! And if I have to take biochem.....hahahaha
Yeah, I'm gonna put money away for a new one as soon as I get a job lol
Yeah he's awesome <3
And you saw me the other day you crazy person lmao and my profile pic on facebook hahaha
Rikkanna Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Student General Artist
I do too!!!!!!!!!! We clearly need to work on this problem! XP
But of course!!! I will happily help you with physics, chemistry, even orgo... Hopefully you don't have to take biochem, but if you do, I'll help as much as I possibly can! XD
Yeah, that sounds like a plan... oh computers they make our lives both so easy and so difficult at the same time. :roll:
Awwww. <333
Well yeah, but it was dark and I was fighting with my webcam and completely distracted by Buja who is absolutely adorable! But from what I could tell your hair looked awesome!!! XD
Oh really??? -stalks your facebook- ^^
Indeed xD
Hahah I was looking at NC State's class list for the major and saw it and I'm pretty sure my heart stopped in a bad way hahahahaha
Ugh sooo true!
Hahahaha silly Buja, such a distraction..although hes currently dead asleep at my feet haha
Yessss I have a stalkerrr xD
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